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New generation of leaders driving Africa’s next phase of growth

A new generation of leaders is driving Africa’s next phase of growth, says Ghanaian Vice President Dubai, UAE: A new generation of leaders is playing a key role in driving change and economic growth in Africa, H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana told delegates during the Global Business Forum on Africa 2017 in Dubai. The high-level forum, organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took place on November 1 and 2, 2017 at Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah. The [...]


Entrepreneurs’ role in bolstering Africa-GCC economic ties

Dubai, UAE – The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s efforts in backing small and medium enterprises in Africa have led to further Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) investment in the continent, concluded the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, “New Horizons: Next generation Africa-GCC business ties in a digital economy”. Sponsored by the Dubai Chamber and launched in preparation for the 4th Global Business Forum on Africa “Next Generation Africa”, the report investigates the prospects of building relationships between young entrepreneurs [...]

African buyers

African markets set to recover in 2017

As we head into 2017, lets take the opportunity to take stock of African markets performance in 2016 and the continent’s future prospects. Undoubtedly, 2016 was a tumultuous year for some African countries largely due to an acute commodities crisis and because of the overall global economic slowdown. Yet there were still pockets of growth in the African markets which displayed the great potential for the future. It seems like 2017 will be the year for countries hardest hit by [...]

Zimbabwe new currency

Zimbabwe launches new currency to boost economy

Zimbabwe has launched its own new currency for the first time since the year 2009, aiming to meet a worsening cash shortage. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe introduced the new currency, called bond notes. Each bond note is worth one US dollar. The newly introduced cash substitute is legal tender in Zimbabwe, but is not yet valid outside Zimbabwe. Initially, the banks would circulate an amount worth $10 million in the system in two and five dollar denominations. The notes’ [...]

Nigerian Naira

Exports to Nigeria Slump Due to Currency Devaluation

Egypt and Nigeria have decided to do away with their dollar pegs —triggering massive devaluation. What will be the longer term implications for these economies as they charter a new path towards greater economic independence. Exports to Nigeria and Egypt have come to a virtual standstill as imports have become expensive for importers in these countries. Nigeria, the home of Africa’s largest economy, recently unpegged its currency the naira, from the US dollar. This was a result of many businesses [...]


Six Booming Sectors in the African Markets

  To unlock growth in African markets, companies should look for opportunities in six sectors that we find have “white space”— namely: wholesale and retail, food and agri-processing, health care, financial services, light manufacturing, and construction. All these sectors are characterized by high growth, high profitability, and low consolidation. In manufacturing in particular, we estimate that Africa could nearly double its output from $500 [...]


African Market: Poised for growth

  As Africa’s economies progress, opportunities are opening in the African market specially in sectors such as retailing, telecommunications, banking, infrastructure-related industries, resource-related businesses, and all along the agricultural value chain. Consider that telecom companies in Africa have added 316 million subscribers—more than the entire U.S. population—since 2000. According to UN data, Africa offers a higher return on investment than any other emerging market. [...]