West Africa Business Reports

West Africa has become a beehive of business activity in recent times as importers in West Africa have been importing a wide range of products to meet the rising demand in West African countries for consumer and capital goods. Importers in the West African market have been importing a wide range of goods including automobile spare parts, tyres, lubricants, paper, stationery products, cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, salon equipment, machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospital equipment, hotel supplies, medical equipment, used cars, clothing, apparel, plastic goods, packaging machinery – to name a few.

Importers in Nigeria, buyers in Nigeria have been at the forefront and have emerged as one of the leading buyers in the West African market. Buyers in Nigeria are actively seeking to connect with international suppliers of a wide range of goods and services.

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expo 2020 dubai

Nigeria confirms participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai

Nigeria has officially committed to participate in Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nigeria joins over 150 other countries that have confirmed their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Lesotho, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Togo have already confirmed their participation in Expo 2020. The UAE which is hosting the event wants Expo 2020 to serve Africa’s interests and provide a platform for connections [...]

Nigeria Pharmaceuticals Importers

Importers of Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria: Booming Business

Nigeria is one of the most promising and rapidly growing pharmaceutical markets in West Africa with more than 150 pharma formulation manufacturing facilities. The Nigerian pharma industry is growing at 13 % annually. The estimated market size is $1.8billion. In the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) West Africa sub-region approximately 60% of drug manufacturing takes place in Nigeria, underlining the huge sub regional market. As Africa’s largest economy, most highly populated country, and biggest consumer market, Nigeria has been [...]

Nigerian Naira

Exports to Nigeria Slump Due to Currency Devaluation

Egypt and Nigeria have decided to do away with their dollar pegs —triggering massive devaluation. What will be the longer term implications for these economies as they charter a new path towards greater economic independence. Exports to Nigeria and Egypt have come to a virtual standstill as imports have become expensive for importers in these countries. Nigeria, the home of Africa’s largest economy, recently unpegged its currency the naira, from the US dollar. This was a result of many businesses [...]