The Automobiles sector in Africa has emerged as a lucrative business proposition for international suppliers of all kinds of automobile spare parts and accessories to the African markets. Demand for automobile spare parts in Africa has been registering steady growth in recent years as importers in Africa buy increasing quantities of auto spare parts, tyres, tubes, batteries, lubricants, garage equipment, tools and a wide range of auto accessories to meet the rising demand for auto spare parts in Africa.

Importers in Nigeria have emerged as one of the leading buyers of auto spare parts in West Africa. On the other hand, importers of automobile spare parts in Kenya have emerged as the largest buyers of auto spare parts in East Africa.

As demand for automobile spare parts in Africa reaches a new high, international manufacturers, suppliers, traders and merchants are seeking for agents, distributors and commission agents in Africa to expand their business in the new and emerging markets of Africa.

Africa Business Pages bring you the latest news and happening in the automobile sector in Africa and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends amongst buyers in the African market.

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Africa: The New Hub for Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry in Africa is growing fast. Automotive production in Africa is growing industry as more and more manufacturers move closer to their African customers and discover the advantages of low-labour costs and tax holidays. Demand for automobile spare parts in Africa is also growing. The automotive production industry in South Africa is nearly 100 years old. In the 1980s and 1990s, Nigeria achieved significant production and production occurs in Egypt and more recently Morocco. Smaller production [...]

ban on used clothes
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East Africa to ban import of used cars, clothes

East African countries could ban imports of used clothes and second-hand cars in the next three years, putting an end to a lucrative trade in the region. The EAC directed member countries to buy their textiles and shoes from within the region with a view to phasing out imports by 2019. The move follows a decision by the six-nation East African Community – Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan – to fully ban imported second-hand clothes, shoes and [...]


Eveready Batteries: A-MAP Gains Distribution Rights in UAE

Al Muqarram Auto Parts (A-MAP) has expanded its product range by obtaining the distribution rights of Eveready Batteries in the UAE. Eveready batteries are made to the highest quality standards in the Johnson Controls factory in Europe. These batteries are designed to deliver long battery life performance through optimized grid design using the most modern European manufacturing technologies. With over 15 years experience, A-MAP is a global market leader, specializing in the distribution of quality and reliable aftermarket automotive spare [...]


A-MAP launches promotional campaign in Ethiopia to promotote ASIMCO auto parts

In an effort to further increase the popularity and reach of ASIMCO auto parts in Ethiopia, Al Muqarram Auto Parts (A-MAP) has launched aggressive promotional campaign in Ethiopia. An extensive advertising and marketing campaign to promote ASIMCO automotive spare parts in the Ethiopian market has been launched by A-MAP. As a result, ASIMCO shop boards and posters are now visible across Ethiopia in auto service centers as well as spare parts shops. Ethiopia is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies [...]

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Tanzania to ban sub standard lubricant imports

Tanzania is adopting tough measures to check the the inflow of substandard lubricants into the country. Tanzania is an important market for lubricants in Africa. This was announced in the backdrop of the announcement by the Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (GCLA) that over 50 per cent of imported lubricants in the country are of inferior quality. Industry, Trade and Investment Minister Charles Mwijage said the new measures will involve strict restriction and regulation of lubricant dealers. Tanzania consumes 30 million litres of [...]

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Ethiopia’s Booming Automobile Market

Ethiopia is among Africa’s most impressive growth performers over the past decade averaging 10.9% annual growth between 2005 and 2015. With a GDP of US$63 billion in 2015 it is the ninth largest economy in Africa and the third largest in Eastern Africa. After Nigeria, the country is also home to the continent’s second largest population of 90 million people in 2015 and a [...]


Tanzania Tyre Market: Developing Into A Mature Market

Tanzania tyre market is evolving into an important business sector for the East African nation. Tanzania is in talks with six multinational companies over plans for a joint venture to revive General Tyre East Africa, the giant tyre manufacturing plant in Arusha. The state-run National Development Corporation (NDC) said that three Asian corporations and another three from America, Europe and Africa have approached the [...]

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Kenya: The New Automotive Hub of East Africa

Kenya’s GDP per capita is expected to reach US$1,432 by the end of 2015 and to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% between till 2020. This is expected to result in an increase in private consumption and amongst other things, drive the sales of motor vehicles. Expenditure on the purchase of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles accounted for 1.5% of total consumer expenditure [...]